“Education and Innovation”

Engineer Education

Delivering exceptional service relies on the quality of our engineers. Our Academy is specifically designed to ensure we continually educate and up-skill our engineers on the latest technologies across all equipment types and manufacturers.

Many of the UK’s biggest suppliers hold there own accredited training schemes in our Academy giving our Engineers the knowledge to support our customers to the highest possible standards.


The people at Thermatic are what makes us who we are, and its something we are very proud of. By utilising the Academy for internal and external events our teams can get involved in the evolution of the business and contribute something they are proud of… after all happy people deliver the best service.


The Academy is designed to facilitate the upcoming technologies being introduced into the property management and HVAC sectors. Through installing and implementing solutions such as LED lighting, renewable technologies and cloud based online monitoring devices we can ensure we lead from the front when it comes to innovation.

Running the technologies in our Academy also means we are able to demonstrate and prove solutions before rolling out to our customers multi-site estates.

Bridging the skills gap

At Thermatic we also recognise the shortage of skilled professionals coming through the industry. We firmly believe that gaining the interest of the next generations at a young age is key to bridging the gap. We are wholly committed to using our Academy to engage the next generation and promote the career opportunities in engineering.

We have closely aligned with a number of local schools, universities and charities, and through our employer engagement scheme we hold regular events for the younger people across Greater Manchester to come and understand the industry and help them choose their future careers.

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